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It is our last day of Fall Finale
so I thought maybe a page of Thanks
was in order! One of the things I am
thankful for is the opportunity to know you
better. I hope you have enjoyed this week
as much as me - I am both happy and proud
to be your fellow Devious Darling!
Happy Thanksgiving, Chilady!

When I was out cybershopping the other day,
this shelf sitter caught my eye.
I'm so thankful that angels watch over us! *s*
This one will watch over you!

You know, nothing smells quite like a
crisp, fall morning, does it? I love it myself.
Whenever you need a winter pick-me-up
just come here - fairy bottled autumn smells!

This little angel praying in a bottle
reminded me that no matter how dark it seems
all around, there are prayers being said
for us--even by angels.
We can sure be thankful for that!

Well, I guess it's time to let you know
which Darling has been your Fall Finale companion!
Just click on the pilgrims below --
they will show you the way!

Some tubes & fills from Janes Country Tubes