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My name is WhisperingWinds and
I am your Darling for the week.
It's a pleasure to share this time
with you and I hope we get to know
each other a little better!

Since I am a country girl, your first gift
is something every garden needs........
Meet Sheffield Scarecrow

Working outside in the autumn air
sure makes me hungry! Wanna share a treat?

And the nights! Sooo nice for sleeping
and sipping on some hot chocky! Maybe this
mug will help warm the chilly evenings.

Fall makes me feel lighthearted and happy!
Especially when critters like these hang around *s*

I hope you have enjoyed this part of your Fall Finale!
Don't forget to check back and see what new goodies
blow onto these pages! Happy Fall, Chilady ---
From My Heart to Yours!

Whispering Winds