Brother, I love this writing and thought
it was a wonderful way for us to share
our feelings about God's creations that
we both love so much.......
and to thank Him for them.


How generous is Your artistry, God
that you made all things in creation
to be enhanced by other things.

Leaves --- How lovely in themselves.

How marvelous that they sprout like tiny parasols
in the sweet spring air,
are opened in the heat of summer
and turned from green to crimson & gold
by the tangy chemistry of fall.

But no, that is not enough.
You have added the sun and the wind and the rain
to toss them about,
adorn them with bangles,
make them dance and shimmer!

And the trunks of trees!
How stately they rise, strong and sufficient
with their rough dark bark.
They reach for the sky, making a
mighty harmony of their own.
Yet their beauty too must be heightened,
given an added dimension by the silver
brush strokes of sun and rain.

And the rain itself.
It is not just falling water to quench
the thirst of the earth.
It too is enhanced by all it touches --
rooftops or leaves or lake.
It runs across the water before the wind
like an advancing army, shields flashing!
Or it falls gracefully, each drop a dancer
spreading her skirts on the shining surface
of a ballroom floor.

Even Your rocks would not need to be embellished, God.
Their gray-white solidity, often glittering
from their own white substance......
their pure raw sculpturing.
Yet even a rock is endlessly resculptured
in sun and shadow and storm.
Or a mantle of moss is draped across
it's shoulders, or a meandering vine.
Or flowers creep from a crevice.
Or a bird's nest is tucked there,
from which music bursts and bright wings.

For creatures, too, participate in this
constant interplay of lovliness.
Dogs and cats and butterflies.
Squirrels and people and children
and all wild things.
all dipping & darting about together
or only just pausing to observe.
But all adding myriad varieties
of radiance and color.

How marvelous, this ever-changing pattern
of the world's beauty, God.
How You must love us to create for us
such interlocking lovliness.

Don't let us ever be indifferent to it.
Let us always see in it
Your generosity.....Your tremendous artistry.

Marjorie Holmes, author
excerpt from "Lord, Let Me Love"

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