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My Thoughts

The words on this page may seem out of context and jumbled but that is because right now
my thoughts & feelings are jumbled so I hope you will understand. I also hope that once
you have read this page, you will have a better understanding of Keely Shaye…and me.

I suppose that the best place to start is by saying that we are all unique & special
people, as are the pets we have chosen as companions so our thoughts and feelings
for them should reflect the uniqueness of each individual.

Keely Shaye was born on January 19, 1996 and came into my life when she was 6 weeks
old…a tiny, helpless little creature that needed me but, in reflecting, I realize I
needed her just as much. I was able to spend most of my time watching her grow,
change, & develop her own unique personality so the bond we shared became a strong
one. She was my protector; my confidante; my best friend. She was a constant joy
to me and her antics made me smile. She was extremely intelligent & quickly learned
she could usually get what she wanted by using those antics. I was indeed wrapped
around her little heart but I wouldn't change that for all the tea in China


Keely Shaye knew that I usually either wore my house shoes or went barefoot so when
she saw me with street shoes on, she knew I was going out. She would dance back &
forth with pleading eyes as to say, “Take me with you, please.” Yes, it usually
worked. If I had to take care of business or was going to be away for most of the
day, she was not allowed to go but she sadly seemed to understand.

I have shared this one with friends but I can now add a bit more to it…Keely Shaye
had a passion for coffee but it had to be black only, please…no cream or sugar. On
Easter Sunday, I ran out of coffee & the store was closed so I borrowed some from a
neighbor and fixed myself a cup. Keely Shaye decided she wanted some too so I fixed
her a cup but she turned it down because it wasn’t Folgers coffee…picky little girl!.

Keely Shaye was a chihuahua but she often pretended to be other animals. Her best
imitation was that of a lion. She definitely had the stalking ability down pat &
picturing that in my mind makes me smile. She also liked to pretend she was a
snake (ack!) and she could often be seen slithering across the yard...never did
quite figure out why she chose to imitate that creature.